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Tree services

  • Tree felling / removal -This would be the complete removal of a tree, including disposal of all wood and branches. Wood can also be logged up if you wish to keep it.
  • Tree reduction / reshaping - This is reducing the overall size of the tree. Bringing both the height and sides in whilst keeping the general shape of the tree.
  • Tree Pollard / re pollard - This is done to keep the tree smaller than it would naturally grow. This should be followed up by annual re pollarding. Pollarding is usually more extreme than a reduction.
  • Crown thin - This is done to allow more light in and involves removing selective branches focusing on congested and dead wood.
  • Crown raise - Is the removal of lower limbs to allow access or more light. it can also give the tree an overall better shape.
  • Apple and fruit tree pruning - Selective pruning to reduce the height, shape and density of the tree. this means better fruit and a healthier tree.
  • Clearance - This would be the removal of all trees or shrubs mainly if an area has not been maintained for a long period of time.
  • Planting - We are able to source and plant trees that match your criteria and needs.

Hedge services

  • Hedge Removal - This would be the complete removal of the hedge. including disposal of all brash wood.
  • Hedge reduction - Bring the height of the hedge down to an agreed point.
  • General trimming - this is a light trim that should be carried out at least once a year.
  • Traditional hedge laying - This can be done to certain coppiced trees where by they are cut a certain way and folded down to create a hedge row.
  • Planting - We provide and plant and length hedge.
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